Boise State football season is about to be back and fans all across the State of Idaho are ready for the blue turf to have action on it once again. Even if you aren't a Boise State fan--just having college football back in action for many will offer a sense that "everything is right in the world" once again.

With kickoff to the 2022 season just around the corner, here is a look at the schedule that the Boise State Broncos are up against!

Boise State's 2022 Football Schedule Released

After a lack-luster year for the football team at Boise State University, fans aren't sure what to expect this year. Of course, most fans expect greatness--and a trip to a major bowl game! With more stability in the coaching world and a senior Hank Bachmeier, could the Broncos return to the major stage? Here is their official schedule for fall of 2022!

Which game are you most excited to see?

With the development of NIL, it's no secret that college sports will never be the same--they're changing and they are changing quickly. Finally, college athletes are able to earn some money off of their name and likeness instead of the NCAA or their respective universities soaking up all of the financial benefit.

With this development comes a new way that universities and players are seeing their relationships playout. In some instances, athletes are staying in school longer to increase their professional profiles while simultaneously making extra money from NIL deals.  In other instances, athletes are going to schools that may not have been their first or even second choice a few years ago because of opportunities to monetize themselves.

These changes are pushing universities like Boise State to get creative and a new online "shop" is aiming to help every single football player on the team.

Available online now is a chance for any Boise State fan to purchase a "Jersey T-Shirt" of ANY player on Boise State football's roster. The only catch is that in order for the orders to go through--there will need to be at least 25 for each respective player.

We love the idea behind this campaign because Boise State University is driving it--no outside sponsors--and because it enables absolutely any player on the team to be a part of the NIL system, not just the standout all-stars.


10 Incredible Artists That Could Sell Out Boise State's Albertsons Stadium in 2023

It's been three long years since Garth Brooks sold out two nights on "The Blue" at Albertsons Stadium. We have no intel that the university is planning to host another concert in 2023, but thought it would be fun to play a game of "What If!"

Security Slams Boise State Students to Ground After Win

History was made at ExtraMile Arena on the night of Tuesday, March 1st. When you think of the arena--you may think of your favorite concerts or acts. No, a sell out crowd didn't set a record. The Boise State men's basketball team did. One might think that a major celebration was in order. Clearly, some security folks had a different idea.


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