Each Fall, hearts are captured (and occasionally crushed) by football fans all across the Treasure Valley because of one program: Boise State. Home to many Vandal fans and alumni as well, the Treasure Valley is where the world-famous (literally) blue turf sits and over the years has developed some of the greatest players to compete in the sport at a collegiate level.

If you've lived in the area for a while, perhaps you remember the highs of the program under Coach Pete and Kellen Moore--and the 'rebuild' years of late. Real ones will remember when Dan Hawkins was the coach & boasted the indoor football practice center--since, there have been renditions of stadium expansion yet to come to fruition.

One side of the stadium is now nearly closed, in a sense. A giant video screen--and we mean giant--will add to the atmosphere this Fall but now, the university is asking for help when it comes to what should be on it. That is, on the back side.

Now, let's insert the disclaimer: we actually have no idea if they want public comment, but Cody Gougler, Senior Associate AD of Athletic Affairs, recently tweeted out and posed the question: what should fill the back of that thing?



We found some folks had some funny ideas--and we came up with some ourselves, as well.

Here's some inspiration for you: 

Inspiration for Boise State's New Screen

We gathered some ideas for what might look best behind the massive screen at Albertsons Stadium.

Would you like to see any of these!? 

Let's take a look at the inside of the screen!

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