It's been the talk of the town for well over two-decade and rarely as that talk been negative.

Boise State Football.

From the huge build up of this program under the likes of Dan Hawkins, to the Fiesta Bowl appearances (and wins)--that blue turf and the team that plays on it has been notoriously successful.

Unfortunately, this year, that isn't the case. This isn't 'bashing' on our own home town team--this is just an honest reality that we have to hope fosters growth and a return to the top.

Just this weekend, while leading BIG, Boise State watched a victory slip away from them with 6-minutes to play in the game. They lost to a team that has never once won against the Broncos.

Is it too soon to take a look back? 

CSU Stuns Boise State Photos

How it happened

Gallery Credit: Kevin Miller

This game did NOT end how most fans expected it to! 

Some fans even shared online that they had went to bed early, knowing the game was a wrap. Plot twist: it wasn't.

From millions on lights, stadium enhancements, and screens--Boise State has certainly invested in itself. The one investment they're overlooking? It can't be bought.

This past weekend, the University of Idaho had a sold out game on ESPN 2, inside of the legendary Kibbe Dome. While the Vandals lost, they fought hard and the game was a nail-biter. The clear sentiment in the air was Vandal pride. Few fan bases are as resilient as the Idaho Vandals and here in Idaho, we have to brace our own.

Just recently, Boise State added Portland State to the schedule. Just this year, the Broncos played North Dakota (not the good one, either).  These teams have no local draw or appeal and does nothing for the spirit of Idaho.

Boise State? Don't even get us started.

It's time that these two universities reignite the rivalry--it's for the betterment of both programs.

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Boise State's Blue Field Celebrating 35 years

Boise State's Blue Field

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