ESPN and the critics have spoken: a major bowl game is on the horizon for Boise State.  Please. Don't. Mess. This. Up.

It could be a game that conflicts my entire upbringing of the sport: Boise State. Notre Dame!?

Here's the deal, for the last few years, Boise State has struggled getting into a major bowl game simply because there hasn't been a slot for them to jump into. A one or two loss season is a season that most major programs DREAM of having. A one or two loss season for Boise State? That essentially means sorry guys, here's a pat on the back and a small bowl game. We don't have room for you.

The University of Central Florida has been sitting in the throne that Boise State once sat in, garnering national attention as a "small school" and getting into high profile games. Which ever "Non-Power 5" team is ranked the highest gets that spot-- no matter who else is in the running. It's a pretty crazy system for only ONE little guy to be able to even have a shot. That's just the name of the game.

With UCF taking a loss over the weekend and Boise State bringing home the win-- we're ranked at #15/16 in the AP and Coaches polls, respectively-- that's right, the HIGHEST of the little guys.

Each week the pundits and the outlets project bowl games based off of the week prior's wins and losses. The guys are seeing something here, because everyone has Boise State meeting Notre Dame in the Cotton Bowl. I've cheered for both of these teams for as long as I can remember...I guess that would make this a win-win, right?

Of all the games and all the teams, who would YOU want to see Boise State take on this bowl season?

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