The thought of a vacation is always so nice until you start thinking about how tired you are from your vacation and that you actually need a vacation to recover from your vacation. A mini vacation like this Memorial Day weekend is always nice but after you travel to the destination it's almost not worth it. Here is the good news, according to Boise is at the top of the national staycation list so we don't have to go anywhere to live our best lives. They say the grass is always greener across the street until you get there. We live in a great city, enjoy your staycation this Memorial Day weekend. Check out the top 10 list  and the method to Wallethubs madness below.

"To determine the best places for a fun-filled yet wallet-friendly staycation, WalletHub compared more than 180 cities across 15 key metrics. Our data set ranges from parks per capita to the average home square footage and the idealness of summer weather."

Overall Rank
(1 = Best)
CityTotal Score‘Recreation’ Rank‘Rest & Relaxation’ Rank
1Plano, TX66.88182
2Boise, ID65.92621
3Tampa, FL63.391123
4Charleston, SC62.42751
5Lincoln, NE62.12172
6Fort Smith, AR60.873220
7Scottsdale, AZ60.18951
8Grand Prairie, TX59.915711
9Austin, TX59.36896
10Orlando, FL59.232339


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