Every classified ad has a story. For example, that $45 TV was used to watch the big game with an elderly parent, who is no longer around. That $30 mirror was how a high school senior made sure she looked perfect before walking down the stairs to greet her prom date. Those $15 puzzles were how a couple passed the time in a hospital room before the birth of their first child. Those stories aren't told on Craigslist. Just the item description and the price. That's why some of my favorite items on Craigslist are in the barter section. The barter section is where the stories are. Local stories about people here in the Treasure Valley you may drive next to on your way home from work tonight. Stories about the people that you are in line with at the grocery store. Obviously, these stories aren't often in the ad, but reading it and what they're looking for in return gives you enough information to imagine what the story is.

This ad definitely has a story. A Boise woman took out an advertisement for her wedding dress, originally priced at over $3700 with the tags still on it. It has never been worn, which means that something didn't go according to plan. I assume by reading this ad that she is moving on and living her life the way she wants. She's willing to part with the dress and the bad memories in exchange for a camper. It needs to at least newer than 1994 and longer than 27 feet. I hope she gets it!


Of course, there is a possibility that this is also just some guy looking for a camper. Perhaps he found this dress in the closet of the house he just moved into. I think I like my version better.

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