For many of us, we'll get to enjoy the long holiday weekend of fun, shopping, and catching up with friends and family. However, the few, the proud, and hopefully the well paid will be working on Thanksgiving Day. On the local media side, we'll see the fill-ins looking to get some camera time.

Unfortunately, we can't shut down the world so everyone can stay or get home. Could you imagine what would happen if the entire police force took the long holiday weekend off? Would our enemies give us a break if there was no one to man the ships, guard the DMZ, or perform basic operations? Or locally, if your car breaks down, who would you call if the tow truck drivers were unavailable?

Boise Workers Who Won't Be Taking the Day Off

A list of many folks who will be working during the holidays.

As the rest of the media promotes folks enjoying the holidays, we proudly salute those folks who will clock in working their daily shift or perhaps extra hours so that others may get the time off. We appreciate your patience in dealing with wave after wave of folks who expect to be entertained. Thank you for your sacrifice in making sure that our country is safe from enemies foreign and domestic.

Thanks to those pilots, flight attendants, and everyone else who works at airports around the country, thanks for your caution and continued patience in the challenging days of wave after wave of travelers frustrated by the usual delays.

A special salute to those serving in the military, that are currently deployed and away from their families; we cannot tell you how much you are loved, respected, and appreciated.
The holidays can be a challenging time for folks who need help. It's great to take time off, but thank you to everyone who will be working for us this weekend.

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