Every week, I do the dirty work around the radio station. I roll up my sleeves, jump onto the world wide web, and dig up the very best of Boise's missed connections.

If you aren't familiar-- a missed connection is something that gets posted up when the poster is desperate to track down someone that made a positive impression on them--somewhere in town. More times than not it is because they regret no approaching that special someone in the moment.

Well, I've picked out the very best of the missed connections for right here in the Treasure Valley. They might be about you or even a friend! If you choose to reply...just be safe! Stranger DANGER, y'all.


It was around 10pm. You brunette, me tall black male.We both parked, eyes met, but we never spoke. If it's you, let me know

We met at Cheveron on Amity and Happy Valley. You parked next to my truck. We talked about my dogs. You're a handsome man, nice and pleasant to talk to. Not sure if you will ever see this or if you are interested.

Would love a chance to get to know you better. Tell me your name and where you work so I know it's you.

Saw you in Walmart in Nampa by Bronco Motors. Absolutely Gorgeous! We were in the frozen food section around 7/8 pm Thursday night. If you see this tell me what I look like... would love to meet you! :)

You were wearing a black shirt and Im pretty sure it was a Michael myers shirt but Im was the guy who sat near you, and i was just wondering if you ever needed a dance partner, i will be there for you. Message me back and tell me what i was wearing.

I saw you in the store tonight. I’m a white female around 5’7” you’re an athletic black man around 6’. Tell me what I was wearing. I hope we meet again!


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