The bank robber was finally thwarted on his way to get as far away from Boise as possible.

'The Great Outdoors Bandit' made national headlines after successfully robbing banks and credit unions in both Utah and Idaho, gaining his name because of the Cabela's hat he wore to every robbery. We're not sure if he'll be allowed to wear that hat in prison, but Josue Daniel Alfaro aka Danny Alfaro is going to want to find out.

Alfaro was apprehended by the FBI at LAX on Sunday while trying to fly out to Belgium. His brother and an unnamed acquaintance identified Alfaro from surveillance footage, and he was finally captured at the LA airport.

On Monday, the bandit made his appearance in front of the United States Magistrate Court for the Central District of California. Don't think he's gotten enough of Idaho quiet yet: Alfaro will be transported back to Idaho to face trial.



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