Have you seen this Instagram post making the rounds over the last 24-hours or so? It seems that if there is ONE post on Instagram that is getting traction in Boise specifically right now-- it's from SpiritBach Aviation.

Instagram over the years has grown into being a far more involved platform. What was once a place to post your favorite photos and updates in the format of a perfect square has now become one of the most popular apps in the world, encouraging video creation and turning the "every day adventurer" into a photographer  or creator.

Do you know any Instagram influencers? If you or someone you know is into that--you know there's money to be made and perks to be had by promoting brands and building a following online via Instagram.

Now, a local private jet company is tapping into the Instagram world to make someone's day...along with their FIVE BEST FRIENDS. This prize is for you AND the crew and I can see why literally everyone in Boise is sharing it on Instagram.

SprintBach Aviation is giving away a chartered flight for 6 to help launch their company and included in this is TWO nights in a destination of your choice (round trip airfare on that private jet is included, of course) and you can go anywhere within 2 hours of flying-- McCall, Las Vegas, and Seattle all come to mind.

We love the concept and love seeing a new local business launch out of the Caldwell airport even more!

Want to check out the contest for yourself? We think you deserve it. Check it out, below:



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