Idaho is pretty well known for a few things. Terrible potato jokes. Larry Gebert's mustache. Boise State's blue turf. Oh, and having a low crime rate, including her capital of Boise.

For the statistical nerds, Boise is rated as safer than 31% of American cities. Don't let that number scare you. Compared to other cities that are the same size or larger, Boise fares extremely well as far as crime per capita is concerned.

So why even bother researching what areas are safer than others? Even though Boise's crime rate is easily respectable, you'll want to be up to date on what areas are the safest.

A Boise YouTuber by the name of Greg Langhaim dove deeper and in about twelve minutes can fill you in on which Boise areas you should, and shouldn't gravitate towards.



If you're only here to find out which areas in Boise are the safest, let's jump right into that.

#1 - Greenwood Circle / Montevista Ave

#2 - Barber

#3 - South Five Mile Road / Highlander Road

There ya go.


Still curious about the nitty-gritty concerning crime in Boise? You can get much more specific information from the City Of Boise's website here.

If you're newer to Idaho, and these numbers are putting you off, it's worth mentioning again that overall, Boise is a very safe place to live, and a great place to live.

That being said, there's a few more things you should be aware of before you decide to dive in headfirst and move to the City of Trees:

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