This month some friends and I have decided to keep ourselves accountable by doing a weight loss competition. As a competitive person, I know that it will take something like this to lose the 20 pounds that I want to lose, so I jumped at the chance to participate. Always looking for a competitive advantage, I decided to find out about the best gyms in Boise. I'm looking for something a little more specific than the one size fits all type of gym. Whether you're new in town or you're just trying to get in shape to look better or for a healthier lifestyle, finding a gym can be hard to find, especially for specialized gyms for CrossFit or other types of workouts. Here is the list of the top five gyms, according to Yelp! To make the following list, the gym could not have more than one location. These are more boutique type gyms.

#1 - Jack City Fitness
21 N. Allumbaugh Street, Boise

Review Highlights: Clean, motivating, and a clear cut pricing program without hidden fees.

#2 - The Mecca Gym
750 South Progress Avenue, Meridian

Review Highlights: Great lifting gym, serious gym for serious lifters, childcare, and tanning available.

#3 - Arbor CrossFit
2516 South Apple Street, Boise

Review Highlights: Welcoming environment, encouraging staff, tiered workouts for different fitness levels.

#4 - Fit For Adventure
4585 South Cloverdale Road, Boise

Review Highlights: Clients and staff are respectful, affordable rates, and open 24-hours.

#5 - Boise CrossFit
3235 West Chinden Boulevard

Review Highlights: Flexible schedules, which are great for professionals, excellent kids area, challenging workouts, but friendly to newcomers, good community atmosphere.

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