Get out of the way! We want to be the first ones in line when it opens!

According to our friend Don at Boise Dev, a new ice cream shop called "The STIL" is looking to shake things up in Bodo. "The STIL" (short for Sweetest Things in Life) has filed paperwork with the City of Boise to take over the current Snake River Winery store front next to Cafe d'Arte and Edward's movie theater.

The STIL isn't your ordinary ice cream shop like Cold Stone Creamery, Ben & Jerry's or Dairy Queen.  This unique shop plans to offer ice cream lovers unique flavors that work in the beer, wines and espresso that will also be served when The STIL opens for business.

The winery space will be renovated if the project moves forward.  The plan is to add an outdoor patio area to fit 28 on a sunny, summer day in BoDo.  The timeline for the project is unknown at this time. To see a rendering of the plans click HERE!

I've never had beer flavored ice cream, but if it's anything like ice cream flavored beer...we're totally in! The past two years, Ben & Jerry's teamed up with New Belgium Brewing to create two different ice cream inspired ales.  I wasn't impressed by their first one (Salted Caramel Brownie Brown Ale) but their second one (Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ale) was out of this world! I was surprised how much it actually tasted like cookie dough ice cream. It was a total bummer when it tapped out across the Treasure Valley in a matter of days!

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