Three weeks ago the Treasure Valleys number one morning show disappeared from the radio and a lot of people were left wondering what happened to their favorite show and whether they would ever hear it again. The good news is that they're back and they are now on 103-5 KISS-FM weekdays mornings from 6-10am. If for some reason you're not familiar with with the show meet Jeffrey.

Brooke & Jeffrey features conversation on the latest happenings in pop culture and entertainment, hilarious skits and listener interaction. Young Jeffrey has been described as the “heard and soul” of the show. Originally from Los Angeles, he moved to Seattle to attend college and found his calling working in radio. For 10 years, Jeffrey has brought energy and sarcasm to the airwaves, but he's best-known for his parody songs ("Song of the Week"),which he performs live on the show every Friday morning. He’s written and sung more than 300 songs to date, but he’s still anxiously awaiting a call from Capitol Records to finally sign him to a multi-million-dollar record deal.

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