How many times have you made the drive up to McCall for a day of snowboarding at Brundage? You wake up super excited and with the adrenaline flowing you jump in the car and crank up the radio. Two hours later, you get to the mountain and hit the slopes. After non-stop shredding all day the lifts shut down and while you're sitting at the lodge enjoying your favorite beverage you can't think of anything other than relaxing in the hot tub or taking a hot shower before enjoying a nice dinner in McCall. Reality kicks in and you realize that you have a 100 mile drive home back to Boise before you can do any type of relaxing.

How cool would it be to have a hotel, cabins or any kind of space that would allow for overnight stays at Brundage? AMAZING right? Well, it's gonna happen but first it looks like the lodge will be getting an update.

Bob Looper, the CEO and president of Brundage Mountain Holdings, said.

“At some point, you’re going to be able to come up here and stay on the mountain,”  “We don’t have to build out a grand base village here to accommodate everybody, but we can build some on-mountain housing that’s pretty exciting that gives you access to ‘ski-in and ski-out’ terrain, which will be a great opportunity for people.”

Looper who has been involved with Brundage since 2013 is really happy with the new ownership and pleased to know that they intend to continue to execute the plans set forth by the DeBoer family whom everyone knew and loved.

“There are seven members and they’re all Idaho based and have long-term interest in McCall,” “People know them all over the mountain and the employees are getting to know them because they ski Brundage on a daily basis.”


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