Okay so follow up to being excited about finally jumping on the online dating train yesterday: THESE APPS ARE STRESSFUL!!!

Let me explain: Bumble initially was SO fun. Swiping was instantly addicting and when you match with someone, you feel instant gratification. But it quickly gets overwhelming.

On bumble, girls have to send the first message after matching. Makes sense, puts it in the girls court. But she only has 24 hours to do so after matching, otherwise that match is gone forever. Say goodbye to Matt from Nampa (I'm convinced 25% of the male population is named Matt).

So when you pair that with having 57 matches within an hour of swiping (!!!).. you get a catastrophe. How can you read through 57 profiles and find something witty to say to each guy within 24 hours?! A girl has to work, eat and sleep on top of that! Not to mention hike Table Rock!

It was hectic. I quickly realized I had swiped more than I should have in one day. I scoured profiles and unmatched from like 75% of the guys who seemed less compatible after a second look-over. But that still left so many conversations to initiate! And each of those messages lead to conversations.. How can one girl keep all these guys in order?! I forgot who I was talking to and had to look into their profiles before sending the wrong message to the wrong guy! I was in way over my head.

So, the lesson I learned is that Bumble is great.. but you definitely want to start off slow so you're not overwhelmed with matches and messages.

PS: I may or may not have a date this Saturday :)


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