Pictured above is one of our favorite moments--just a couple of summers ago, we were lucky enough to witness the proposal of these two love birds during the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic in front of a very excited crowd! Not everyone can pull off a proposal that great, though.

Deciding to marry someone is a big deal! You're agreeing to a life of love, commitment, and talking about your day! This is why the proposal is so important. Dial everything in so that they don't say NO! So where do you do that and how do you even begin!?

We aren't here to tell you how to propose and we are far from the experts on love. We did, however, stumble across a recent survey that made us really think...

When it comes to proposing someplace ICONIC--what comes to mind? If weddings and proposals are a part of your social media algorithm, you've probably seen plenty of proposals on big, grand cliffs and landmarks. That's great--but what about here in Idaho?

A recent survey listed the TOP and MOST ICONIC places for marriage proposals in the entire nation and THREE locations in the Treasure Valley made the list! 

America's Best Proposal Locations Include Some Odd Idaho Destinations

A recent survey has listed the most 'iconic' places for marriage proposals in the entire United States. A few Boise-area places made the list, too!

Is Indian Creek Plaza an iconic proposal destination for you? 

We love Caldwell's gem...but we've never considered  it an 'iconic' place in America...to propose?

According to the survey put together by Mixbook  an online wedding planning website:

This community gathering space offers a delightful blend of urban elegance and small-town charm. Couples can stroll hand in hand along the plaza, surrounded by beautiful landscaping, charming water features, and cozy seating areas. The lively ambiance, with occasional live music performances and bustling local events, adds to the excitement and joy of the moment.

As for the other two area locations we showed you--the survey labels the two parks as "lush and tranquil".


Not long ago, a small Idaho town was named one of America's 'Most Romantic'!

What Is 'Alternative' Romantic and Why Is This Idaho Town So Great?

We have a lot of questions--but perhaps you can guess which town we're talking about?

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