It's summertime in the Treasure Valley and that is no secret. Take a step outside even in the morning and it is HOT in these streets! Community pools are open, splash pads are flowing, and everyone is looking for something to do.

What do our pets do in this weather? Even if summer days consist of basking in the sun, keeping cool and laying low is certainly a priority. Pet owners know not to walk their dogs on scorching hot pavement and cat owners know there might be a few extra naps in play.

While fall and spring is usually the time to bank on seeing kittens running around town--there are plenty of adorable kittens in the Treasure Valley right now and with this heat, the conditions aren't necessarily the best on them. Where do they go to cool off? Anywhere out of the sun that feels safe!

Unfortunately, not every place that feels safe to our local pets is actually safe...

Why Every Idahoan Should Be Checking Under Their Hood

As temperatures fluctuate, cats are looking for places to run and hide. Sometimes--they don't choose the safest places.

One Caldwell resident heard some meowing coming from under their hood--and they were smart enough to call animal control! When Caldwell police / animal control showed up, they were able to track down this tiny little kitten that was tucked away, hiding in the hood of the driver's vehicle. Officer Townsend is a hero!

Moral of the story? When you're out and about--pay attention to your surroundings and look out for animals in our area that just don't know how or where to handle this summer heat!

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