In the age of social media, we've all seen these posts-- the ones that end up EVERYWHERE, right? Since I woke up this morning, I have seen one group of girls in Caldwell ALL over online and they're definitely the coolest girls ever.

Our cell phones have become our lives-- whether we like that or not. Our banking, email, social media, medical charts, health stats, passwords are ALL on most of our phones. Oh, and it's through out phones that we basically meet people to date now, too. So--when you lose your phone, there's nothing fun about that. Just last week a friend of mine lost his phone in a downtown bar and after reviewing security camera footage--we saw someone take it from right in front of him in plain sight. Apparently they needed that phone more than he did? The moral of this story is, unfortunately, the obvious: not everyone is very honest.

I'm happy to write today that the reason these four girls in Caldwell are all over the internet is because they WERE honest and in the KISSmas spirit, returned a lost phone to its owner--even leaving a super nice video behind.

Rebecca Frazier, whose phone was lost after a night at Indian Creek Plaza in Caldwell wrote:

I went to see the Indian Creek Christmas lights with my 2 girls. Ended up in the ladies room at the Caldwell ice rink. While I was there, I accidentally left my Note 10 in the restroom. Believe it or not, I called the Plaza and they said it was returned to the office. Well, today as I'm going through my pictures I find this video from the girls who found my phone. So I'm wrighting this post to give these girls a HUGE shout out because I am going through a bit of a hard streak currently and really needed to hear this. For the parents of these girls, I applaud you for raising your girls right. Teaching your children to show love, respect, and doing the right thing by being honest. In today's world sometimes not so many people are good at doing what's right, so I commend you and your families for being here for me in the time of need.... I am in no way able to purchase a new phone and if anyone else would have found this item, they probably would have just kept it. Thank you and Merry Christmas. 


You can check out the awesome video that the girls left behind for Frazier, below:


It is THESE types of things that keep the magic in the Treasure Valley and if EVERYONE aims to be a little bit more like these four this holiday season, I think we'll have a pretty great Christmas season.

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