If you want to lose an entire afternoon, just Google "Californians moving to Boise," and you'll have more than enough reading material. Some folks are happy about it. Others are upset. But believe when we say that everybody has an opinion on the current influx of Californians choosing to make Boise their new forever home.


"Getting to work takes so much longer now with all this traffic!"

"Coffee lines are insane now."

"They should go back to where they came from!"


We've heard it all. However, it's one single word in particular that's currently drawing the irk of many, many Idahoans.

This isn't really a new concept. When people move to a new location, they inevitably bring some of their culture and dialect with them. Let's be honest, do you really think folks living in the southern part of the United States had a "southern accent" back in the 1600s? Of course not. That was brought over at a later time.

That's the case with this one utterance that's driving Idahoans up a wall every time a Californian lets the word leave their lips:




That's it. The word "brah." As in "Hey brah, want to get some Dutch?" It's a replacement for bro, buddy, pal, guy, sir, ma'am, madam, girl, lady, child, you name it. If it's a title or a noun, a Californian will find a way to replace it with brah whether it makes sense or not.

Don't believe us? Listen a little closer next time you're waiting in the doctor's office, or at a concert, or even in line at the grocery store. The Brah-Users are here, and it's only a matter of time until Boise as a whole adapts this new, strange vernacular from the West Coast.


Californians: What To Know When Moving To Boise

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