Foodies or non-foodies alike, fresh is where it's at.  If you love eating(and really who doesn't), why not add fresh local things to your plate.  From Jan-April that can be a little harder, since the Boise Farmer's Market peaces out for the winter.  Good news, the seasonal market returns on Saturday April 6th, 2019 at a new location, 1500 Shorline Drive, in Boise. The new location comes with more free parking, more space and more vendors.

What kinds of things can you find at the Boise Farmer's Market?  Everything from farm to table produce, to cooking classes to live music.  Check out all the upcoming events HERE . If you want a heads up on all the amazing things producers and vendors are bringing on a weekly basis, click HERE.

This isn't only for vegans, although we love our vegan friends, this is a great place to find great produce, artisan cheeses and meats and other amazing things to turn your plate from bland to super tasty!

If your're looking for more foodie stops, you can also check out The Capital City Public Market, which opens April 13th, 2019.  Located in downtown Boise, with everything from meat, dairy and produce to art.  Check out what's coming up HERE

Better weather is on the way and more choices to make your table a little better, plus you're buying local and supporting our farm neighbors.



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