A rabid bear is causing a ruckus in Ketchum, but the bigger problem seems to be the people who have a problem with the people who have a problem with the bear.

The U.S. Forest Service's Sawtooth National Forest Branch is reporting that what they're calling a "problem bear" is causing issues at numerous campgrounds near Ketchum. They've since closed said campgrounds while they attempt to track and capture the animal.

What makes this particular beast a "problem bear?" We don't know exactly, and many campers are irate that campgrounds are being shut down due to a single animal. One online commenter said:

Closing it all off for one bear is stupid. It’s Idaho, people. Bears live here. Get used to it. ... Way to go glampers! You have ruined it for everyone. Including the BEAR!!!!!

Yes, all those exclamation marks were used, so you can tell the anger is real. As far as "glampers" being the cause of campsites being shut down, we're pretty sure it's more so due to the fact that wild bears can kill people. Campers and glampers alike.


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