College football is just days away and people are already wondering when we can purchase the new jerseys. You know, with the actual player's names on them.

This was against the rules prior to July 1 and could get you kicked out of school. Let's ot make this a history of players accepting money articles, but history is being made. So, when can we buy our Boise State University clothing with player's names?

Courtesy: Youtube
Courtesy: Youtube

Michigan Athletics Teaming with Local Retail Store, Boise State Next?

You can't walk into a Bronco Shop and purchase #19 that reads, Bachmeier. That's would be against the rules because the University would be making money off a college football player. You can however purchase a #19 jersey. That was then and today the game is changing. Michigan is the first to make moves.

Football players are currently able to make deals with area businesses on their own. For instance, the quarterback for the Boise State Broncos can now make a deal with the Blue and Orange store to sell that jersey with his name. The player would make money off that deal. How that works with a Boise State logo is a different deal. Could the Bronco Shop make a deal with all the players and sell that in-store? Yes. Can you now? Not yet.

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It looks like some Broncos are already getting endorsement deals and this could be the normal very fast. I wonder if this helps bring talent to Boise? I feel like the entire squad is so new right now that it's not pressing. That said, things are changing quickly.

Let those kids get paid!

More on players getting paid.

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