Okay, I LOVE a deal. I LOVE Spotify. And I LOVE using my friends' logins for things like Hulu and Amazon Prime (we all do it, right?!)

I don't watch a ton of TV but have Netflix for free via my T-Mobile account.. and now I've got a free Hulu too, thanks to my Spotify Premium! If you pay the $9.99/month premium fee for ad-free music (this is my best spent $10 every single month), you can just log in to your Spotify account on a desk top and it will give you the option to activate the Hulu bundle. You can start up a new Spotify Premium or upgrade from your free account and then add the free Hulu bundle.

Make sure you do this soon, the free Hulu promo is available to add through June 10 and only includes the basic Hulu plan with ads.

Hulu isn't a huge expense every month, but subscriptions add up! Thanks Spotify for saving us all a lil recurring charge each month. Once again, Spotify proves as the best music streaming service out there.

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