We all know the Easter Bunny brings us eggs filled with treats every Easter.

Has he ever brought you eggs filled with confetti and glitter?

I got to celebrate my first Mexican Easter on Sunday, and I've really been missing out on doing Easter right! My girlfriend's family is Mexican, and they go all out for Easter. Homemade taquitos, homemade potato salad, rice, beans, the whole deal. The food was fantastic, but that wasn't even the best part.

I learned about cascarones. Hollowed out easter eggs which are painted and filled with confetti and/or glitter. You then smash the egg over the head of a loved one, and it's supposed to bring them good luck year round. Or, if you're my girlfriend's family, you have an all-out cascarón war with cartons of eggs. Kids and adults running around flinging cascarones at each other, shoving them down shirts, and making a huge beautiful mess.

This is how you do Easter! If you haven't had a traditional Mexican Easter at your house, make it a point to do so. Also, your shower is going to be covered in glitter and confetti for a week. Just accept it.


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