It's something you would never expect to find in your food...pieces of metal!? This recall was officially announced in March of this year. It applied to a little over 60,000 pounds of chicken. Now, however, Tyson is adding a significant amount of product to this recall, calling back over 11 MILLION pounds of chicken products. If that's not scary, I'm not sure what is.

Items being recalled--the ones you need to get OUT of your freezer, are:

  • 25 Ounce plastic bag, frozen "Tyson Fully Cooked Buffalo Style Chicken Strips"
  • 25 Ounce plastic bag, frozen "Tyson Fully Cooked Chicken Strips"
  • 20 pound cases of frozen " Tyson Spare Time, fully cooked buffalo style chicken strips"

It's important to see the "Best If Used By" dates on these products, if you have them. The recalled batches, for all three of these recalled products will read: "Best If Used By November 30, 2019".

The recall has been expanded because since the original March of 2019 alert from Tyson, there have been six more complaints and three of those have injuries related to them.

Don't eat the chicken, don't risk eating the metal--just the thought of biting into that makes me cringe--and toss out these products if you have them in your homes!

For more on the complete recall--both original and updated, click HERE.

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