Not all dates are good dates. Around Valentine's Day, some of us may be taking a chance on a new person. What if it's a total bust? How do you "act" your way out of it and escape? Chelsea Handler created an app that's perfect (and it's worked for me already).


The Gotta Go! app is on iTunes and it's free. The great thing about the app is that you get to choose whether or not you want to receive a phone call or a text. You can set up a name of who the call or text is from and Chelsea will literally walk you through every step.

This means you don't have to be a great actor or come up with something to say. Just follow along. It's basically a "repeat after me" game.

1. Download the app for free.

Chelsea app 1


2. Choose what you want to receive and set a timer for when you want to receive it.


Chelsea app 3


Chelsea app 2


Look! In 36 seconds, I'm going to receive a call from my "Mom".


3. Answer the call, your "mom" needs you!


Chelsea app 4


Clearly, I entered the information wrong because my mom is also my best friend? I guess that could work. If my date saw my phone, I'd be like "Yeah, mom's my girl!"


I pick up the phone and listen to what Chelsea wants me to say.


Buh bye bad date!

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