As people get older and wiser they figure out that leaving something behind, a legacy, something to be remembered for, proof that you left this earth better than you found it gets closer and closer to the top of the bucket list. How cool would it be to have a street or a road named after you or something you did? Every city has streets named after Presidents, Lincoln, Jefferson etc. In Caldwell we have Chicken Dinner Road and and P.E.T.A wants it to go away. The politicians are going back and forth and nothing has been decided at this point but I thought you would find the story of how this road got its name interesting. claims that this is how the story goes...

How did Chicken Dinner Road get its name? Years back, well before pavement, it seems a legendary cook invited an unsuspecting Idaho governor to dinner. Following the sign pointing to the chicken dinner, the governor arrived and soon realized that more than chicken was on the table. Accompanied with mashed potatoes was a proposal: in exchange for a great dinner, see to it that the cook’s rutted old farm road was properly oiled. The governor’s options seemed a bit hard to swallow—leave before the apple pie was served, or find a way to help the cook. The evening ended, resulting in a full governor, a happy cook and a legendary road name.

Now that you know the story, should the name stay or go?


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