I swear, the more time that goes on, the stupider and more heartbreaking these stories get. You've probably seen the show where some pranksters set up in a high traffic parking lot with a fake baby buckled into the car seat that's placed on the roof of a car. They have hidden cameras set up to catch peoples horrific reactions as they drive away. It's usually pretty funny, the baby is fake and no one is harmed. But today in Boise something similar happened but the baby wasn't fake, it was real, and the parents kept driving after the infant fell out of the car.

Police said two people were arrested after an unrestrained toddler in a car seat fell out of a moving car - and the driver didn't stop.
Boise police said they responded at around 7:53 p.m. June 15 to West State Street and North Collister Street after a child fell out of a moving car. The vehicle was going south on Collister, then the car's back seat door flew open as the driver took a right turn onto State.

The child did end up flying out of the automobile. Thank goodness a man saw what happened and rescued the child from the road. The people driving the car eventually returned, dropped the mother off and drove away. Both were arrested and the child suffered aberrations on the left side of his body.

This is a sobering reminder to make sure you have your child buckled in correctly. The Boise Fire Department has information on how to properly buckle your child in place. Before my daughter was born, I took her car seat down to the FD and they properly installed it for me.

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