(warning: explicit language)

It started with a drunken handshake, and it ended with me in women's clothing singing live on stage.

Months ago, I ran into my friend Rodney, who just so happened (at the time) to be the head of Boise Pride. Being an ally to the LGBT community is a cause I proudly support, so I asked Rodney if Tawsha and I could be a part of Pride this year. After a few shots of tequila, Rodney said "Sure, if you'll come do a drag show for me!" In my drunken stuper, I shook hands with my friend and that was that. Tawsha and I got to host pride and that went wonderfully.

Then about a month ago, I get a text from Rodney. "Still doing that drag show, right?"

Being a man of my word, the creation of my female alter-ego got underway. With help from Tawsha, my girlfriend Jenni, and one of Boise's premiere drag queens Miss Denimm, we created Chrissy McFly. She's gorgeous, loud, and will make your heart race to 88 miles per hour.

There's a lot to be said about wearing women's clothing and a full face of makeup for the first time. Most notably, fake eyelashes, fake nails, and "tucking." Beauty is pain, right girls? Regardless, I did my best to tough it out and give The Balcony the performance she deserves.


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