Someone in the city of Nampa is up to something. Someone has created a hilarious parody account that pokes fun at the city of Nampa. For some reason, Nampa, and the 2C, in general, seem to be the butt of all jokes, especially coming from those who live in the 1A.  But The City of Nampon parody Facebook account put the perceived stereotypes of Idaho's third largest city on blast for everyone to read and comment. The page says that they are:

A satirical parody page about the great qualms of a certain city in Idaho.

Dawning a makeshift "official" city logo and a photoshopped "Nampon Proud" water tower picture on its header the page posts information like:

At the time of this post, the page has 417 likes and 514 people who follow. No need to get offended or upset, it all seems like it's in good fun. And who knows, this City Of Nampon Facebook page might actually put the real city of Nampa on the map!



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