It's truly crazy to drive up near Table Rock and see multi-million dollar homes appear as if they're melting. Crumbling along a hillside towards Table Rock, these homes have made headlines several times over the past few weeks.

Just two months ago, Michelle Heart filled you in on the trespassing that had been happening around these homes which, in some cases, included vandalism. You can read about the enforcement that was implemented to prevent said trespassing, HERE.

The picture above is one that I captured on my lunch break just a week after Boise Police issued stern warnings to stay off of the private property. Shortly after, the city declared that the homes would need to be demolished at the cost of the home owners. Can you imagine having to pay for the demolition of your own home!?

Just yesterday, the Boise City voted and decided that the demolition costs would be covered by the city, and used social media screenshots to declare these homes an attractive, public nuisance.

A slow moving landslide is the reason behind this significant damage.

Since approaching the homes to see the damage for yourself is discouraged, KTVB captured some drone footage that you can check out, HERE.

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