Bryan Harsin is trending on Twitter. No, the Tigers have not beaten their arch rival Alabama in the Iron Bowl. The annual showdown will be this Saturday in Auburn. Harsin is trending on Twitter because we've entered into the speculation game of college football.

In the world of college football, it only takes one report, accurate or not, to be a feeding frenzy. Today's whirlwind of speculation revolves around Bryan Harsin possibly leaving Auburn after one year to coach at the University of Washington. has Harsin as one of the four interested coaches, or the university is interested in hiring.  The web site offers an interesting take on a possible Harsin move back to the West.

In his first year at Auburn, Harsin has the Tigers at 6-4 and with wins against LSU, Arkansas and Ole Miss – the latter two ranked inside the top 20 at the time of their losses to Harsin's Auburn team.  Harsin has done some impressive things on the Plains, but the situation at Auburn has been a bit tenuous for both Harsin and highly regarded athletics director Allen Greene sources tell FootballScoop.

As reported here and at Greene is in trouble for his decision to hire Harsin, an outsider, instead of one of the favorites of the boosters.

Greene's public gloating only raised the challenge of Harsin winning over the toughest alumni and fan base in college football. Auburn boosters are so out of control television cameras have caught them berating the coach during a game while on the sidelines. A 6-6 season is not a step up over the previous coach, who was paid twenty million dollars to leave the Plains.

As we've seen in previous years, once the athletic director who hired you leaves, it could be only a matter of time that Auburn decides to move on from Harsin. Some may call it cutthroat, but that's life in the SEC. Florida Coach Dan Mullen was fired over the weekend for not beating South Carolina. What happens if Bama blows out the Tigers at home?

Greene will be gone, if not already fired, and Harsin will not be far behind. The good news for the former BSU Coach is that he'll be paid millions to walk away. Could Harsin stay and succeed? Sure, although the scrutiny at Auburn will only intensify.  Washington would be happy to have Harsin who will certainly improve the mess left behind by Jimmy Lake.

The University administration wants the Huskies to be a national power. Their continued pressure resulted in former Boise State Football Coach Chris Petersen leaving the program to Lake. Regardless of the pressure at Washington to win, it won't come close to infighting and backstabbing that is a regular occurrence at Auburn.

Harsin out kicked the recruiting coverage while at Boise State.  He knows the area well and can recruit Texas and Californian.  Plus, winning the Pac-12 North is a cakewalk compared to winning the SEC West.  Stranger things have happened, don't be surprised if Harsin comes home.

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