Well, the rumors are SWIRLING but there's no real indicator to how true they could be...we're just going to have to wait.

The topic of discussion? A major concert...on the Blue.

Now, we're used to some big tours coming through the Treasure Valley. Between Boise Music Festival and many other summer tours we're always lucky to have visit us...a big show is no stranger to Boise. Maroon 5, Elton John, Nelly, 5 Seconds of Summer, Twenty One Pilots...these are all shows that have rolled through out city. Garth Brooks? I'm no country fan and even I understand how big of a deal that would be.

The talk of the town? Garth will be preforming ON THE BLUE this summer.

Maybe one funny person started the rumor and it's spread...only time will tell. But it's got me thinking: could this mean Boise has a "new" outdoor concert venue!? One with even MORE seating than anything else in town? I've seen shows at Century Link Field, for example, in Seattle. Major artists with loud crowds unlike anything I've ever seen. Perhaps, we could see this in Boise soon.

While we wait to hear if these rumors of Garth Brooks could be true, I want to know...

If you could see ANYONE on The Blue at Albertson's Stadium...who would it be?

After all, maybe I know a guy.



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