It looks like the change is going to happen in Seattle, so could the ban fall onto us next?

First question is, why? Seattle is looking to minimize the use of disposable plastics to keep them out of landfills and nearby bodies of water. Makes sense. It's part of a 2010 ordinance in Seattle to phase out plastic products. Becca Fong, a spokesperson for the city of Seattle, explains:

In 2017 we started to look at what’s on that list that we wanted to phase out that’s more readily available and compostable, and so straws and plastic utensils are now way more available as compostable options.

Many restaurants in the Seattle area have already ceased using plastic straws and utencils, replacing them with more Earth-friendly compostable ones.

Could the change come to the Treasure Valley as well? It's possible, but the biggest point of contention is the cost. Restaurants pay on average 1 cent for a plastic straw, while they'll pay up to 5 cents for a biodegradable one. However, knowing how ahead of the curve Boise is, I wouldn't be surprised if this practice is picked up here sooner than later.



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