The social media experts were somewhat offended at my COVID-19 Myths blog and that is my inspiration for part 2. Healthline spoke to Dr. Bruce E. Hirsch, attending physician and assistant professor in the Infectious Disease Division of Northwell Health in New York and he shared his responses to these three popular COVID-19 Myths.
Myth 1: COVID-19 It's not a big deal, it's just like the flu

The flu takes lives each year, but the fact that we have a vaccine and more awareness about the virus makes it a more understandable illness.

However, while the flu and COVID-19 both cause respiratory illness, they are different.

Myth 2: COVID-19 Doesn't affect young people, it only affects the old

While most people with COVID-19 develop mild or uncomplicated illness, WHO reports that about 14 percent of people infected will develop severe disease and need to be hospitalized, with 5 percent ending up in an intensive care unit.

Myth 3: It's an inside job, the government and scientists are hiding information

Distrust of institutions of authority, such as WHO and CDC, at this time can be problematic, said Hirsch.

“One of our coping strategies has to be to turn to the people who have the best ability to understand at least the scientific aspect of this, and get their insights to be able to prepare properly and take care of ourselves and our country,” 



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