It’s been a challenging and uncertain few months, to say the least. I’m a dad just learning things as I go. Whenever the world around us starts to look and feel crazy I like to turn to the kids.

I know that in the last five years little Lennox and Leo have taught me more than I could have ever expected. If we pay attention and listen, children can teach us so much. During this COVID-19 pandemic it's even more important we pay close attention to these little angels.

My son Lennox is five and it’s easy to get so wrapped up in our worries, work, and problems that we can forget what might be going through their little minds. So I thought I’d just ask him! He just makes things so honest and simple and to the point like a five-year-old should.

Q: “What is quarantine?”
A: “Stay in your house.”

Q: “What is the hardest part about quarantine?”
A: “I miss my cousins.”

Q: “Do you have a message for other kids?”
A: “It will be over and we can see our friends soon.”

I think this sums up so much. Leave it to a kid to give some perspective. Sometimes when things feel uncertain maybe it’s best if we just simplify it. We’re all in our homes and we’re all missing friends and loved ones. But you know what? It will be over and we can see them all soon. Thanks to my son for opening my eyes one more time ❤️

** Quick advice to parents ** Keep an eye on how much you watch and discuss the coronavirus. That includes how many times something repeats on tv. These news channels just repeat topics, videos, and photos which can seem brand new to a child. That was very traumatic on September 11.


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