Insecurities. We all have them. I will literally be dripping with sweat at China Blue before I take off my jacket and reveal my arms in public. It wasn't until I was yelled at in the VIP section that I realized how low my self-esteem had become. This was last weekend.

Let me place you there. It's Cinco de Mayo and we're all at China Blue. Of course. Where else would we be? Out of the blue, it was 80 degrees and none of us were prepared. I wasn't even mentally prepared. I put on a tank top and a jacket and off to the club I went.

Then it got hot.

Really hot.

My friend asked why I wouldn't take off my jacket. My answer, "I don't want to show my arms." She lost her mind. This is the second time she's had to tell me this out in person. My friend Alexia demanded I take my coat off before I melted. I did and nobody was harmed in the process. Go figure.


I have this insecurity about me. My arms aren't fit and cut like someone who works out regularly so I don't show them. I don't want to hear that someone agrees with me that my arms are big and so freaking white.

Why do I do this to myself?

Who cares, right?

I do. I do way too much.

Chris wanted to start "FreeTheSleeve" because once I talked about my insecurity, I find that so many women have the same one. So, you're the other ones I see walking around in the dead of summer in a cardigan or cute little jacket. It might as well be a portable heater wrapped around our necks - it's just as miserable.

Laying my insecurities all out there, I'm taking a chance and fighting every ounce of my being to expose my arms. I will try not to make fun of myself. I will try not to call attention to them. I will try to just move forward and not worry for now. Try.


What's your "thing"? Comment below.

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