Ladies, this is not a drill! A new service is coming to Boise and if you like to cuddle-- this is just for you.

Snuggle Buddiez as it's called, is a new Boise business and it's based around cuddling.  With cuffing season among us, perhaps this is the best time for a business model like this to open up. The goal is to offer, in an alternative way, the opportunity to connect with someone or relax from the human touch. In fact, services like this are already in business and functioning across the globe.

Expected to launch as both an app and a website, this service is just for you, ladies.  Founded by Charlotte Lindsay, Snuggle Buddiez was an idea she had after being single for an extended period of time.  The 36-year-old Boise resident notes going through a rough breakup made her realize she missed the feeling of touch.

Once fully operational, females of the Treasure Valley will be able to pick up their phone, scroll through the app, and pick out a guy based on photos, bios, and ratings and have a cuddle buddy on the way.

With the service only available to females right now, guys you're going to have to wait to be able to request a cuddle buddy of your own. However, guys ARE for hire.  With an hourly rate of $40 to be made for male cuddle buddies--guys, you could be raking in the money!

For more on the event happening this weekend with interviews and information, click HERE

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