Ask a friend or someone who knows you well to tell you three things you can improve on. Um...what? So, you're telling me to walk up to someone I know and have them honestly tell me where I fall short? Time to put on my big girl panties and ask the hard questions. It took me all day to get the courage. 

I know the answers. That's the thing. When asking someone where I can improve, I can tell you what they are going to say. Why? Because I'm aware that my life gets uncomfortable in these moments. My friends will get on me about it and are honest enough to tell me that I am not making the best decision or that I'm playing the victim and I'm better than that.

Okay, wow. That's some truth.

When choosing someone to ask what I could work on, I went with friends who know me well and are honest with me. The same ones who are hard on me when I'm not good to myself and support me when I need them the most.

Since I didn't want a completely biased answer, I thought I'd ask five people so I could see what the response would be and if any of them had a common theme. Turns out, I really only needed to ask one person because all the answers were the same.

Talk about a red flag.

The three things I need to work on improving:

  1. Speak up when I'm unhappy with something.
  2. Stop being so hard on myself.
  3. Be okay with saying no.

All of these improvements will take a personality shift, an active strengthening of my backbone (good thing I chose the book I did) and dealing with a response I'm not used to. People-pleasing? Yep, it's definitely in my nature.

Now, I need to take a deep breath and crush it.

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