The weather outside is perfect--despite the face that we're well into the "summer season" here in the Treasure Valley, temperatures have been bearable and the storms, other than some tree damage, have been fun to watch.

What else comes along with summer besides concerts, open patios, and a whole lot of daylight? Mosquitos.

They serve, in our opinion, absolutely no purpose to anyone, anywhere, and are among the greatest pests on the face of the earth. A bite here, a bite there...and now: a sickening, fever-inducing illness.

We hear the warnings ever year in the Treasure Valley but now, it's real again: the West Nile Virus has returned to the Treasure Valley and will be here for a while. Just identified as a hot spot? The Meridian area.

Ada County does a really great job of keeping the public informed and they even have an interactive map that will show you where West Nile has NOT yet been found, where it HAS been found this week, and where it HAS been found this year.

Two spots popped up as West Nile positive this week: in the Eagle Road & Highway 44 area and also in the Ten Mile and Cherry Lane area. 

While simply avoiding mosquitos is the ultimate goal, with so many things going on this time of year being outside at peak mosquito time is inevitable. In that case, every little thing that could repel these pests should be utilized.

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