The whole neighborhood watch thing can get very weird. Most of us have dealt with a crappy neighbor, a nosey neighbor or both. But this takes it to a much different level.

Dear Keke and Kat:


I've lived in the same house for years and years with my family and recently, the house next door sold and we got new neighbors. They're a middle aged couple with seemingly no kids, at least that are still in the household. We met them when they moved in, and they seemed to be a nice, normal couple.


But there's been a few instances lately where they're being "intimate" with the windows open. Totally naked in their living room or bedroom at the front of the house and the blinds totally open. Now, their house is not set back from the street, so if you're walking on the sidewalk, you can see everything.


My kids were walking with me when I saw this the first time. I was able to distract them from looking, but I'm sure other kids have seen it, because this was only the first time, not the last time. I've noticed at least a few times since.

How do I even bring this up? They're in their own home, so I don't feel like I can comfortably tell them how to behave in their home. But they should be closing the blinds at least, right?

To each their own, but you should really be closing the blinds if you live in a neighborhood. I don't know how I would approach them about it, though? That's so awkward! Maybe an anonymous letter and leave it in their mailbox?!

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