We don't need to tell you about the struggles of Boise State's football team this season--everyone has been talking about it. It has been such a talk of the town, even Boise residents that don't watch sports are aware that it isn't going well.

After making a change at offensive coordinator just a week ago, Boise State finally saw a spark that they haven't seen in a while and many are crediting Dirk Koetter for the course correction.

Here's a look at the highlights of Dirk Koetter 

Things to Know About Boise State's Dirk Koetter

Boise State has a new Offensive Coordinator and he's no stranger to Boise. Here are a few things that you should know before Dirk Koetter takes over the offense this week!

It's rare for a program like Boise State to have such significant access to a coach of this caliber!

The game last week against San Diego State didn't get off to an ideal start and at halftime, things were turned around. All it took was that turn around and a victory on the blue turf for Boise State fans to rejoice. It's fair to say, however, that Boise State isn't in the clear just yet-- plenty of difficult games remain and there's nothing about a 3-2 record.

Many are crediting Coach Koetter for the improvements and while this may be the case--today, Koetter himself deflated a little of the "hope" in the air.

In his first press conference as Offensive Coordinator, Koetter shared that "this" isn't a "long term thing"-- in other words, don't get used to him being the OC in Boise. It was fascinating, listening to Koetter talk about Andy Avalos' ask of him and that he felt he needed to step up--just, not for more than this season.

Koetter's increased role in the football program was never in the cards and now, he's golfing less, traveling more, and "all in".

Who would be Boise State's next OC? They had better start looking--yesterday.

Check out the full press conference below: 

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