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This is a thing and why shouldn't it be. Thursday is dedicated to girls around the globe to promote gender justice and youth activism.

Day of the Girl began in 2012 and is 100% youth-led movement that fights for gender justice and youth rights. It's time we acknowledged Treasure Valley

Why is Day of the Girl important to me? We just had a little girl two weeks ago today and these types of events should be top of mind for me. I want my daughter to be empowered to be whatever she wants, whoever she strives to be and never let anyone stand in her way. This is why we ALL should pay close attention.

This isn't just a Treasure Valley movement. It's global. Think about that. Try and wrap your mind around the countries that DON'T give women rights. We can do whatever we want in the United States but that isn't the case around the globe in so many countries.

  • Jordanian women don't get equal economic opportunity or participation.
  • Egyptian women are home to the largest number of women and girls who have undergone female genital mutilation.
  • Indonesian women make 30% less than men and have hundreds of discriminatory laws against them. Bans on dancing and having to wear scarves, the list goes on.
  • South Korean women earn 1/3 less than men.
  • Saudi Arabian women are considered minors under male guardians know as 'mahrams,' whom they are not permitted to leave home without, not permitted to drive and most public places are segregated.

The list goes on. We should all take this day and ask a girl what her dreams are. Take a moment to give her the fortitude to make dreams a reality. Let me leave you with this video that has inspired me as a parent and is directed specifically at parents. You might have to watch several times considering I stumbled across a few quotes that make me think. Nobody can voice this one better than Oprah.

"On Children" voiced by Oprah Winfrey

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