If you are one of thousands who put your life on hold to try and figure out what the stupid sound was to win a trip to Vegas to see Bruno (plus cash), you're probably feeling a little bitter right now. We get it. Trust us. How about Bruno in Vegas for free? 

It was the sound of twisting the bottom of the deodorant. No, it wasn't 'lighting a lighter' or any other guess that you all followed up with an enraged phone call or message letting us know that it had already been guessed "millions of times already".

You didn't miss out on your chance to see Bruno Mars. This time you can watch the show in your comfies with a drink while sitting on the couch. I mean, sure, you can dress up and look pretty but you certainly don't have to. The hangover doesn't mean you're waking up in a strange place trying to figure out how to tactfully get back to your hotel without taking the walk of shame.

Bruno Mars, along with John Legend, Lorde, Nicki Minaj, Drake and Ed Sheeran will be performing at the Billboard Music Awards on May 21 in Las Vegas.


Bruno Mars has three nominations:

  • Top R&B Artist
  • Top R&B Album
  • Top R&B Song


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