There was only one sound but, after twenty-one days, nobody was even coming close. It wasn't dripping water, it wasn't a lighter and it wasn't Newton's Cradle. It was something so much more basic and simple. Grab your deodorant and twist the bottom to bring the stick to the surface. On a certain stick (the one Michelle Heart uses), there's a "click, click click" as you turn the adjuster.

The hardest part about the sound is that not all of our deodorant sticks make noise. That's what threw most of us off.

Let's back up a bit. Kekeluv posted clues to help you figure out what the sound actually was. Each time he posted a clue, it would narrow down what room in the house you can find the secret sound. No, we don't know what the blue dashes were. I don't know if Kekeluv knew what they were. Perhaps he was just trying to throw you off?



A little behind the scenes, here: Each morning, we would take official guesses for the secret sound but then ask what your backup guess was and more than one person who actually guessed the sound correctly. The problem was - it wasn't official. We couldn't give clues or lead you down the right path or anything. Agh!


Jamie correctly identified the secret sound and will have just under $3,000 in her bank account as she makes her way to Las Vegas to see Bruno Mars on his 24k Magic Tour!

What's next? Comment with what will make you set aside work, driving, throwing parties and, basically, life.

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