This time of year, we have Christmas parties, dates in the falling snow and more photos than the rest of the year. It's easy to have a beautiful, festive look. It's also fun to watch makeup tutorials and try it out at home. 


I have a love of makeup and have a dream of being a YouTube star but I like watching them more than I would like to create one. Let's just go ahead and assume those dreams are dashed. However, I know there are a ton of people with such incredible potential. Maybe you have a love of makeup and want to share that with others or you have that nagging feeling (as so many of us do) to make a change in life.

Just a heads up, there's a "sale" on the cosmetology program at Murano Beauty Academy. How about that for a change in Cyber Week? If you do the program and start your career, please send us a link to your YouTube channel because we'll obsess over you, too.

Let's get to it. Here are two GREAT festive holiday looks for this season.




The program discount is available this Monday, December 7. There are only a limited amount so be one of the first to snag this deal.


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