NO, this is not the blog that tells you to eat better and then tries to sell you a nutrition plan. No, this is not the blog that guarantee's you will feel better if you work out using this specific proven system. Today I want to share something with you that I guarantee will make you feel great every single time you do it.

Allow me to share something that happened to me recently. It was a typical hectic day at the radio station and after I got off the air I started going down my list of things to do. I was interrupted by a last minute meeting that was called to discuss a potential concert so off I went to the conference room. The meeting proved to be a waste of time but when I got back to my office I was surprised to find and amazon package on desk., When I opened it I found the coolest VW bug mouse. I absolutely loved it and it really made my day ( I collect VW's and have owned at least 15 of them over the years ) I did not order this mouse and I had no idea who did but I was so humbled that someone would take the time to send me something so personal to me. Days later after I asked on social media the person who sent it to me came forward and he was elated that I liked the gift so much. It dawned on me right then and there... Do more random acts of kindness... I guarantee you will feel GREAT! As they it's better to give than it is to receive.

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