We're going to get directly to the point here.

Some fans have been pointing fingers at us, saying that we're "playing favorites" by featuring so much Taylor Swift content as of late. Or that we're "pushing an agenda" by writing articles about her. Or we "have an unhealthy obsession and need help."

Well, maybe you're right. Maybe that's true. Scroll below for our reply.

Taylor Swift at the 2024 Super Bowl

See Taylor Swift at the 2024 Super Bowl.

Alright. Let's see if we're "obsessed" with Taylor Swift, shall we?

According to Merrriam-Webster.comobsessed is defined as such:

preoccupied with or haunted by some idea, interest, etc.

Are we preoccupied with the idea of Taylor Swift? Well, of course! She's everywhere. Even if we didn't play her music, there's no way to avoid mentioning her lately between the Grammys, her love story with Travis Kelce, and the announcement of her new album dropping soon.

Are we haunted by the idea of Taylor Swift? Yes, you could most certainly say that. She was our most requested artist in 2023, and she's also the artist we get the most pushback on. Some folks say we play her songs too often, or post about her way too much. Like her or not, it's fair to say that most folks aren't of a neutral opinion when it comes to Miss Swift.

Are we obsessed with Taylor Swift based on the above criteria? Yeah. We pretty much are.

So, what do you think? Should we move on? Should we continue to cover her as she inevitably makes many more headlines in 2024?


P.S. For every "Taylor who?" comment, we count that as an additional request for one of her songs. Just so you know :)


Taylor Swift With Rock Stars

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