If you ask ten people their opinion on wind turbines and wind as a power source, you're going to get ten completely different answers.

Some people think they're a great way to produce clean, green energy.

Others believe wind turbines are a giant eyesore.

While others are under the belief that they cause...cancer? Jury's still out on that one.

Either way, Idaho may be getting some new wind turbines. As in, a lot of them.

Arco Wind is working on securing permission to build over 100 new wind turbines between Arco and Idaho Falls. More specifically, the currently non-existent towers of power would run along both sides of Highway 20.

Once the project is completed, it'll provide power for up to 100,000 Idaho homes, and could even save residents money on their power bill. Even better? They're not going to muddy up the air, according to Mark Green, the development director for NorthRenew Energy, LLC:

The pricing that we offer … (is) more competitive than some of the traditional fuel sources. But there’s also an environmental component. Once we’re operational, there will be virtually zero emissions from the facility.

If you're looking to get your windmill on in the near future, you're going to be disappointed. Being that these are incredibly large structures that take time to construct, the project isn't predicted to be completed until 2025.

Would you be alright with windmills popping up around Idaho? Would you rather them not be anywhere near your view? Do you think they cause deadly diseases? Let's chat.

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